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[at-l] Wild Blueberries

Yesterday, I went for a great long run/hike/jog/bushwhack for just under three hours in the forest behind our house...actually, I could have made that a lot simpler by saying that Heidi and I went orienteering for just under three hours yesterday afternoon, but I wanted to be a little more descriptive :-)
Anyway, it was excellent: the easy pace and frequent walking breaks made it seem more like an afternoon ramble through the forest than an endurance workout; just an enjoyable sense of accomplishment and that nice feeling of muscle fatigue you get when you really use your body (like at the end of everyday on an AT thru-hike :-)
While we were out, we noticed that the blueberries have really reached their peak and resolved to go back and pick some later.  It made me think of all the blueberries we ate in Maine last year as we made that final approach to Katahdin and the great conversations we had with total strangers in trailside blueberry patches...
Reminiscing with purple fingers,
Yoon, the berry boy