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[at-l] Greetings from 5000 ft!

Just a little hello from my new home in Ft. Collins, CO. FINALLY settled
in (well, mostly. :D )
after a 2000 mile road trip in 2 1/2 days, seeing many scenic vistas  of
CORN while travelling on I-80,  and thinking on how hard life is going to
be when all this national forest/park land is less than 2 hrs away. :D

  I must apologize to Sloetoe for not being able to make use of Indie
hospitality. My buddie's dad was nice enough to let my use his pickup to
make use of the U-haul trailer, on the condition that he was going to
shoot to Las Vegas after a day or so of dropping me off.
Next time I travel 2000 miles by car, I will stop by. Scout's honor! :)

So a big hello from the foothills of the Rockies. Life sure is going to
be tough with national park/forest land so close by. :P


LT '97 & '99
AT GA-ME '98

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