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Re: [at-l] departures

Anyway, my distilled
>thoughts on the subject are 1) snowshoes aren't needed, but 2) shoeshoes
>don't have to be worn all day to become worth their weight, and 3) I
>really want a picture of me standing on top of a drift next to someone
>postholing their way through it. :)
>Any thoughts?  I can't guarantee that I'll heed all advice but I would
>like to hear it so I can make more of an informed decision.

We were lucky this year,,,during the worst of the storms we were in
town,,,,there were plenty of times I wish I had crampons though,,,especially
when on ridges and there was ice AND snow! We took two days off during the
big snow storm in the Smokies,,,by the time we got back on the trail all
those other hikes had done a good job of packing down the snow on the trail.

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