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[at-l] re: tanks

What about the rest of us??  Shannon says "Felix works for who??? Awesome.  
When will we get an autographed CD?"  I said, I don't think Felix bothers Mr. 
Mellencamp with signatures.  She said "No, I meant one of Mellencamps CD's 
with Felix's signature.  Those blue eyes, ya know, Mom?" . . .

Yes, she had a birthday today.  Yes, I am sorry I ever let her lay eyes on 
Felix.  Yes, she is up for bid, if you have a cage handy.  Yes, the bidding 
is certainly dependant on her grades . . . I mean, her ability to make sure a 
cop comes by your house once a . . . WAIT, I mean, the bidding is on her 
inherint intellegence, her incredible good looks, and your ability to ignore 
big blue eyes blinking at you with promenant tears . . . . 

Come to think of it, none of you are safe, least of all Felix.  I think we 
will tour foriegn lands . . 

See ya . . .

The Redhead

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