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Re: [at-l] Results of doc visit

Careful how you fasten the Tevas with a bad foot.

I had a foot injury once that just got worst with time.  The first damage
was a bad bruise.  The complication was (help me out here Orange Bug -- this
is in laymaneeze) with blood pooling in my foot and the veins getting
inflamed.  It got really ugly over a couple of weeks.

To make a long story short, I wore the Tevas all the time, except to work
and consequently the Doctor's office on the way home.  Finally, it got so
bad that I had to stay home from work and wore the Tevas to the Doctor's
office.  It took her one look to see that all the inflammation was below the
Treva strap across the top of my instep and everything above it was OK.

Conclusion:  The arteries pumping blood into the foot are deeper inside and
were doing their job, but the veins that need to take the blood back to the
heart are between the bone and the skin (sort of like on the back of your
hand) and, what with the swelling,  the Tevas were constricting these veins
enough to create a problem.

A few days off from work, slippers, an elevated foot, and the Rx that I had
been on all along saved a trip to the hospital, a bunch of test, and the
possibility of gangrene -- which was were she said this old boy was headed
on the previous Office visit.


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> Subject: [at-l] Results of doc visit
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> I'm home and alive! The doctor is a backpacker also. He said that my toe =
> was NOT infected. That I banged it up real good. I told him I walked on =
> it for 2 days like that,,,on the 3rd day the nail was raised up about =
> 1/4 inch high,,,that is when I was in a great deal of pain,,,took one =
> and one/half (1 1/2) hour to walk one mile! The doc looked at me and =
> said "Don't you know that is really painful."  "Duh",,,I =
> responded,,,"yes it was." Anyway, he said that I should NOT hike or even =
> walk that much. I should let it grow out on its own. I told him I wanted =
> to go on a 1 one week hike in Oct,,,he said NO!!! He said I could have =
> the nail removed, for about $100. But he would rather have nature take =
> its course. He said it would take 6 months to a year for it to heal up =
> entirely but the pain should go away in the next 2 months,,,,IF I don't =
> abuse it anymore. I am now wearing my Tevas. I guess I'll go kayaking. =
> KC

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