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[at-l] recipe idea and a question

Hi all!

Just wanted to let everyone know about this great trail ready
tomato paste I found in SUper Stop -n- Shop (big grocery store
for those not familiar).  It's called Amore Double Concentrated
Tomato Paste and it's packaged in sort of a toothpaste tube thingie.
I took this with me this week on a 2 day hike and it's great!!
Firmed up my rehydrated spaghetti sauce to make it just like fresh
made!!  It also conveniently has recipes printed on the tube for soup
and some other things.  It does say to refrigerate after opening but
also that it "keeps indefinitely".  I didn't have to use a lot, but I
think it has some spices already in it, so I didn't worry about diluting
the taste of the sauce.

Also - about the esbitt stove...  Was that strange pungent odor in
my pack from the fuel??  Does this stuff really stink?  Or was that
just me?

Be kind...

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