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Re: [at-l] departures

McBride, James wrote:

>... I was wishing
> for crampons that day.

I too have entertained the idea of beginning in Feb. ND in Feb. is worth
leaving for a "warmer" spot. At the moment I still plan to leave early

For any cold weather hiking (cold being it could freeze), I carry small
ice-cleats that fasten to to the bottom of my boots. Their cheep ($6),
small (6 c.i.), and light (abt. 2 1/2 oz.)  They are used here to walk
on the ice when you go fishing. For hiking I'd think they'd be only used
in an emergency.

I used to snowshoe a lot in the Cascade Range with the old wooden shoes
(not for thru-hikers) when I was younger. Some of these light,
collapsable shoes would be good for a short hike (as in "Smokies").

Turtle  GA>ME 2K
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