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Re: [at-l] departures

Sorry, I was speaking more for the North Georgia experience. The Smokies as 
a _whole_ 'nother environment! If I would consider snowshoes, I'd consider 
in a mail drop to Fontana, but not further South. I suspect crampons have 
more value.

Atlanta, GA

At 04:24 PM 8/6/1999 +0000, FannyPack - 96GA2ME wrote:
>>From: "W F Thorneloe, MD" <thornel@ibm.net>
>>To: at-l@backcountry.net
>>Subject: Re: [at-l] departures
>>Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999 08:49:09 -0400
>>This year was a particularly good year, with very few snows and only brief
>>cold snaps. There was one brief snow in the 3rd week of March.
>talked to a few 99ers & there were three 18 to 24 inch snowfalls in the 
>Smokies this yr in March, as u said March 3, also 15-16, & then again on 
>the 26th... If seems like it snows alot in the mtns and we are not even 
>aware of it...
>Early starters beware or be well prepared..

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