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[at-l] Trail Angel Del

Walter Shroyer <wshroyer@mail.bluefield.ed
This is from a fellow who gave me his Trail Angel Card and he lives near

Delwood Scheahterly 540 992-1527

I meet Del while in Troutville/Daleville and he's extremely helpful to
hikers.  He'll make runs from Catawba to north of Troutville.  In
emergencies he'll go even farther.  PO runs, food runs and gear runs you
name it Del will assist you.  Hell he even got a cell phone so he doesn't
miss any calls for assistance.  He has business cards displayed at
Econ-Lodge office in Daleville which is right off the AT.  If you run into
him say hello for me?  I would appreciate it. 
John O  
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