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Re[2]: [at-l] departures

     I really don't beleive this.

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Subject: Re: [at-l] departures
Author:  "John Moore" <sencha_satori@hotmail.com> at ima
Date:    8/6/99 2:35 PM

>Welcome, but you are suspiciously compliant with that other list. So you 
>decided to hike your own hike? Don't you realize that you have to follow 
>the liturgy of TP, or the Purity Gods will erase your trailname from the 
>book of the saved?
Hello All!
I just joined this list a few days ago after the urging of a certain 
runner/hiker who is also a member of the running list I'm on :-)  I was 
skeptical at first, because before our thru-hike last year, my girlfriend 
(Dharma Bum '98) and I were on the ATML and AT98 lists and I didn't want to 
go back to that...
I don't want to start talking dirt about the *other* list because it really 
did help us plan for our hike (we had no knowledge of the AT or thru-hiking 
when we first read about it and decided to do it two years ago) but I do 
want to say that this purer-than-thou attitude really affected us in a 
negative way...what a joy to get out on the trail and realise that most of 
the thru-hikers weren't like that at all :-)
Anyway, I am happy to have joined this list, and, providing I can keep up 
with the mail volume of the various lists I belong to, I hope to stay a 
while :-)  I am not, however a prolific poster so there go my participation 
marks...oops, wrong list...
Yoon '98
March 1st-->August 3rd
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