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Re: [at-l] By the Way...

     BTW, folks,
     Jooohhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn is someone that I dragged over from the Dead 
     Runner's Society (DRS) list. Although he has
     NNNOT YEEEEETTTTTT posted his bio/intro, I can tell you that he's 
     living with his SO over in Norway right now, doing that higher/higher 
     education thang, and that they both throughhiked last year.
     ALSO!, that he too is a refugee/alumnus of "that other list", having 
     quit for the same reasons as have been discussed here so recently. 
     (And just so you know, John, the at-l tends not to hang around ragging 
     on Ol What's-his-face all the time. We had a spat of defections back 
     in January, and it seems that there's some business [on Saddleback] 
     generating more holier-than-thou rantings, and more defections, going 
     on right now...but usually, the list's energy is spent in other 
     So John! Spill! How was your hike? How was your life?

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Subject: [at-l] By the Way...
Author:  "John Moore" <sencha_satori@hotmail.com> at ima
Date:    8/6/99 2:46 PM

By the way, we have our 98 thru-hike on the net at:
The front page still says that we are going to *attempt* to thru-hike the 
AT, but believe me, we have done it :-) I just haven't gotten around to 
updating it -- yes, I know a year is a long time not to have gotten around 
to it but our journals are all there and so are some photos with more to 
come at as yet to be determined date...lazy? maybe, but that's me I guess...
Yoon, The Procrastinator
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