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Re: Fwd: [at-l] So, anyway...

new address is markresc@yahoo.com
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     Done! Very best wishes to Chelsea for a complete recovery!

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Subject: Fwd: [at-l] So, anyway...
Author:  MARKRESC@aol.com at ima
Date:    8/5/99 10:45 PM

In a message dated 8/4/99 7:18:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
athiker@smithville.net writes:
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That story definitely strikes a chord with me as my dog was just hit by a car 
last night.  Our 90 lb yellow lab Chelsea is in critical condition with lung 
just wishin' and prayin' that she makes it.  She's been a great friend and 
hiking partner and I don't want to lose her...  
would appreciate any thoughts or prayers any of you may be willing to offer 
for her.
If we're really lucky, you may meet her on the trail someday...
I'm not sure if I'm sending this the the list correctly, I've never posted 
anything here b4.  You are welcome to send it to list if I did this