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Re: [at-l] departures

On Fri, 06 Aug 1999 01:47:49 +0000, Big G wrote:
 > Well I have no trail name as yet and don't expect one for quite awhile
 > after I start (not alot of people starting in Feb.) so I shouldn't have
 > worry about a Purity God erasure, I hope.
 > Anyone else thinking about starting in February?  Anyone else start in
 > February in years gone by?

The past few years have shown a lot of people leaving Springer pretty early.
This year was a particularly good year, with very few snows and only brief
cold snaps. There was one brief snow in the 3rd week of March. Of course,
1992 had the blizzard that endangered a heck of a lot of hikers in the
Smokies. Yet, the NC bomber started his marathon "hike" in Feb 97, and
apparently has been moving along with few hindrances.

A benefit of leaving in February includes fewer bugs, fewer people (I'm not
sure which is more irritating), and more selection at Neel's Gap when you
figure out what you really needed when you started. A problem is the need
for more clothing, hence weight, to deal with the cold and weather that is
likely. It would be a very good idea to learn survival skills regarding
snow, ice, freezing rain, and cold _before_ loading you pack. Hypothermia
kills, and enjoys a snack on fingers, toes, and noses.

Welcome agin, G!

Atlanta, GA

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