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Re: [at-l] Results of doc visit

Yep, just what I thought. KC, pain is nature's way of telling you that you
are screwing up! Remember how you learned to stop and get moleskin on a hot
sport _before_ it became a blister?

Well, in about a week or two, you will see a white line at the cuticle of
the nail, and a space will begin to form near the base. That space will grow
across the cuticle, as the new nail grows toward the tip of you toe. Once
there is only a little cuticle holding the nail, the nail will pop off one
day, probably as you are putting on socks or a shoe. It will not hurt, at
least not like on that hike. Your nail bed will be exposed and tender, but
salt water, a light gauze dressing, and a bit of time will help. You will
notice the new nail growing, probably before the old falls off. If you put
the old nail under your pillow, the toe fairy will bring you some cheese!
<just kidding>

While there is no nail, that new nail and nailbed are even more prone to
injury. The dressing is essential, especially if you walk much distance. You
want to let the nail grow and not have a repeat performance before
Christmas. I would expect you will have sufficient nail covering the bed by
Christmas, and can have a little hike with all the goodies that the Hiking
Santa brings you. But for now you have a severely bruised toe and nail.
Swimming and kayaking are a good idea. I would avoid canoeing, at least if
you kneel and put weight on your toes the way I do.

Atlanta, GA

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999 06:14:00 -0700, KC wrote:

 > I'm home and alive! The doctor is a backpacker also. He said that my toe
 > was NOT infected. That I banged it up real good. I told him I walked on =
 > it for 2 days like that,,,on the 3rd day the nail was raised up about =
 > 1/4 inch high,,,that is when I was in a great deal of pain,,,took one =
 > and one/half (1 1/2) hour to walk one mile! The doc looked at me and =
 > said "Don't you know that is really painful."  "Duh",,,I =
 > responded,,,"yes it was." Anyway, he said that I should NOT hike or even
 > walk that much. I should let it grow out on its own. I told him I wanted
 > to go on a 1 one week hike in Oct,,,he said NO!!! He said I could have =
 > the nail removed, for about $100. But he would rather have nature take =
 > its course. He said it would take 6 months to a year for it to heal up =
 > entirely but the pain should go away in the next 2 months,,,,IF I don't =
 > abuse it anymore. I am now wearing my Tevas. I guess I'll go kayaking. =
 > KC

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