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[at-l] Word of the day "your move" and moving in a different direction

> As the sun was setting over Lake 
> Monroe (southern Indiana) last evening, I told John and Elaine that "One 
> year ago from right now, I was sitting on a pond in Maine, watching a 
> moose." So, we rapped a little trail for a minute, then to the boat. We 
> took their brand new boat out for a dusk-time ride. Elaine was 
> 'wake-boarding'. So, here I am tooling around a lake sitting next to John

> while pulling a super-model around with a rope. I'm thinking "My, how 
> things change in a year." I digress. I usually digress. I sometimes 
> digress within a digression. Kinda like now...
[snip, nip, clip, tuck, and otherwise edit]

> "Your Move"

Back to the moose. Actually, I wasn't sitting on the pond, but next to,
wishing on that old faithful and now falling star, Sol, for a raft, a
canoe, a row boat, anything to let me get out to the middle of the pond. I
didn't like the way that moose kept looking at me out of the corner of its
eye. I thought that moose didn't like the way I was looking at him. I
wished the moose well, but I don't think he wished me well in return. 
Almost dark, the moose turned himself around, headed toward me, apparently
gathering some speed, leaving an orange cloud of mosquitos in his wake. My
old photon wouldn't give me enough light and I'd already discharged my
pepper spray at this Smokey, doing the same thing this moose was doing,
back in Virginia ....

Your Move	
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