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[at-l] Results of doc visit

I'm home and alive! The doctor is a backpacker also. He said that my toe was NOT infected. That I banged it up real good. I told him I walked on it for 2 days like that,,,on the 3rd day the nail was raised up about 1/4 inch high,,,that is when I was in a great deal of pain,,,took one and one/half (1 1/2) hour to walk one mile! The doc looked at me and said "Don't you know that is really painful."  "Duh",,,I responded,,,"yes it was." Anyway, he said that I should NOT hike or even walk that much. I should let it grow out on its own. I told him I wanted to go on a 1 one week hike in Oct,,,he said NO!!! He said I could have the nail removed, for about $100. But he would rather have nature take its course. He said it would take 6 months to a year for it to heal up entirely but the pain should go away in the next 2 months,,,,IF I don't abuse it anymore. I am now wearing my Tevas. I guess I'll go kayaking. KC