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Re[3]: [at-l] Re: Tuckerizing the pack

     Fine. Just as I open my Campmor catalog to the "Camp Tableware" 
     section (page 226, to be precise), I see the regular old Sierra Cup 
     holding 8 oz. for 4.5 oz. carry weight, versus the "GSI Outdoors" 
     brand lexan 12 oz. with a carry weight of 3 oz. Hmmm. Gain 50% in 
     capacity, lose 33% in carry weight, all for the princly sum of $2.70 
     plus shipping. Hmmmmmm. "Tuckerizing" is obviously NOT a four letter 

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Subject: Re[2]: [at-l] Re: Tuckerizing the pack
Author:  Thomas_McGinnis_at_UCCLAN@ima.isd.state.in.us (Thomas McGinnis) at ima
Date:    8/5/99 4:35 PM

     I was all excited when Galyans started stocking lexan cups, till I 
     bought one, brought it home and weighed it, and found it heavier than 
     the metal Sierra Cup that went GA->ME with me in '79. Dang! Another 
     equipment acquisition gone wrong.
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