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Re: [at-l] NY/NJ trails

     This may sound a little off to some of you, but touring a familiar 
     environment during a drought, while perhaps somewhat uncomfortable (in 
     some respects, and less in others), may still provide an opportunity 
     to see that place under very different circumstances. Droughts, like 
     ice storms or gypsy moth infestations, can be like 5th seasons.
     I'd say check out the area (provided the trails are open, and you can 
     find water...at least SOMEWHERE.

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Subject: [at-l] NY/NJ trails
Author:  Jeff Mosenkis <jamosenk@dura.spc.uchicago.edu> at ima
Date:    8/5/99 3:09 PM

hey all,
I was going to be home for a little while and looking to do some hiking in 
the NJ/NY area around 4 days worth (I'm from nothern NJ, around the
corner from Campmor).  I was thinking about doing some NJ AT parts but it 
looks like trails are closed, and that water sources might be a problem.  
Do people have suggestions on places to go (maybe up to the catskills?) 
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