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RE: [at-l] saddleback letters

At 01:22 PM 8/5/99 -0400, McBride, James wrote:
>Thats exactly my point. You are not endorsing the behavior of that "other
>guy" by using his links to send saddleback messages. I was told that the
>letters sent from there show the senders e-mail address and do not say
>Trailplace anywhere on them. I don't think that using his facilities
>endorses anything about him or gives him any credit. Its just a tool that he
>is providing.
>But if you feel strongly about it then I have no problem with that. I can
>understand it. I was just asking people to help on Saddleback. I don't
>really care how you do it. My only suggestion if you really feel opposed to
>sending a letter from Trailplace is to use it to get the links to the ATC's
>info and the appropriate e-mail addresses to send a letter to. Then write
>your own letter.

I used WF's setup to send a letter. It did go as an e-mail from me not from
TrailPlace. Actually he is sensitive to the fact that a letter campaign
which just sends out form letters all from the same organization is given
less weight and has structured his system to make the letters individual.
Although he very 'directive' in his instructions you must compose your own
letter. He does not edit, alter or add to it. You get a copy so you can
verify that. 

I have felt 'reminded' rather than preached to by the previous posts. All
too often I will read about such an issue then forget to say my piece in
writing until the time has gone by. Although I am not fond of WF's list
administration style and am among those who abandoned ATML (2 years ago) I
don't hate the man and do not understand all the invective against
everything related to TrailPlace. This is an issue which is important to
all who love the AT and we need to work together to preserve it.


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