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Re: [at-l] Central Virginia Info Needed

Hey Dan,

	I hiked part of this area recently and will no doubt hike some of it
again this weekend. On the most recent hike a Thru-Hiker said he thought
there was no water in the 20+ mile section from 311 northward to
Trouville/220.From there, Fulhardt Knob shelter has a cistern that
collects shelter roof water so you can't depend on it. I was told Curry
creek was running, I visited Boblets Gap shelter and the spring had
water, Jennings creek is big and will be running, Bryant Ridge shelter
should have water, Cornilious Creek shelter had water a couple of weeks
ago, Thunder hill Shelter spring had a tiny stream out of the pipe about
one quart in 5 min., Harrison Ground Spring had plenty of water, Marble
Spring was adequate, Big Creek I did not go to but Matts Creek is
probably running. This weekend I may hike from James River up to Apple
Orchard mnt and will report my findings. Luckily most of the NBATC area
is very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and it makes it real quick and
easy to stash water bottles.
	I am only  a couple of hours from this area Dan. I am in the area most
weekends except during the hot months like now! 


Dan Kohn wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need your help, I am planing a hike from Troutville VA to the James River
> in a few weeks and would like to know two things:
> 1) Anyone know a good shuttle service in the area?
> 2) Anyone know what the water situation is like in that area?
> Any info would be appreciated.
> Dan "High Tech" Kohn
> GA -> VA 96
> Troutville -> Harpers Ferry 99-2000
> Harpers Ferry -> MA 2001
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