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[at-l] Re:Central Virginia

Not sure about shuttle service although I will look for a trail angel
business card I got once from a fella.  The water will be hit and miss,
it has been dry here but last week my area (in Bland County) got 2 1/2
inches of rain,  overall you will cross a lot of streams doing this
section, but there might be some areas where you will be dry.  I would
say if you hike between 12 - 15 miles a day you will cross water 1 - 4
times.  Expect some of the springs to be dry but most of your streams
will have water. I have hiked just about this entire section you will be
hiking and we never had problems with water although we did go into town
several times.  You will definitely be crossing many roads (paved and
unpaved) that will put you only a couple of miles from stores and towns
so if you get desperate you can get relief.

Walter Shroyer

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