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RE: [at-l] saddleback - Amen brother Ron!!!!

Me too! I just see no reason to endorse the behavior of the "other" 
administrator by using his links for the appropriate letters. There are 
many ways to get out the message, but without the cost of giving him more 
credit than he deserves or earned. I have heard of no one wishing to pave 
Saddleback as a reaction to the "other" administrator. I have only heard of 
reasons to find some other forum for the discussion, when "discussion" 
became "directive".

Atlanta, GA

At 09:30 AM 8/5/1999 -0400, McBride, James wrote:
>Saddleback is an important issue in my opinion. You are free to disagree if
>you want. But please don't attack me for simply asking for help on an issue
>I believe in.

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