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[at-l] AT Thru hike article

At the Dr's office yesterday I picked up a copy of what I think was Sports
Afield for August 1999, a magazine I'd not seen in many years. In it you'll
find some interesting articles: one about the yogi path north bound;
another about a "dirtbag" paleontologist; and an insert about the charter
for dirtbagging. http://www.sportsafield.com/

Not much new in the AT article, except news of a few northbounders and
their thot's on the dynamics between Trail Angelhood and Yogihood.

Dirtbagging I'd not heard of before: it's a kind of ultralight hiking, but
somewhat more attractive to me since it recognizes the value of "toys." 
For the paleontolgist, of course, his "toy" is his rock hammer. For me it
might be a bamboo flute.

At any rate, since I'm flirting with the ideas of ultra-light and
dirtbagging and since I know some others are too, I tho't I'd mention the
articles to you.

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