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Re[2]: [at-l] saddleback - Amen brother Ron!!!!

     What he said.
     (Ever the
     (stop laughing.)

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Subject: RE: [at-l] saddleback - Amen brother Ron!!!!
Author:  "McBride; James" <mcbride_j@lxe.com> at ima
Date:    8/5/99 9:30 AM

FannyPack and Fallingwater,
I respect you guys opinions and you have every right to them. But I really 
disagree with my message being charactarized as preaching. I reread it and I 
don't see that tone in it at all. It was just a simple request. 
I have been trying to refrain from talking about WF on this list but I'm 
going to have to in this case. I think whats going on here is that some 
folks on this list have been alienated and downright agrevated by the 
actions and attitudes of the formerly mentioned administrator of the "other" 
list. One of the things that many people feel he does is to "preach" and 
"dictate" how we all should act and think about AT issues. He is pushing the 
Saddleback issue very hard and we all know that. What I think is happening 
is that anyone, like me, who posts a request for help concerning the 
Saddleback issue is immediately the recipient of misplaced hostility toward 
WF. You probably assume that I'm a WF protogee that sucks up everything he 
says and falls right in line with his way of thinking. You couldn't be more 
wrong if you assumed this. I often disagree with him and am not hesitant to 
say so to him and anyone else who asks. But I also respect his 
accomplishments and his dedication to the AT. On this issue he is on the 
right track, in my opinion. 
Saddleback is an important issue in my opinion. You are free to disagree if 
you want. But please don't attack me for simply asking for help on an issue 
I believe in. And more importantly please take a second look at your reasons 
for not being concerned about Saddleback. Is it possible that your letting 
negative feelings toward WF, justified or not, cloud your perception of the 
issue? Remember, the trail does not belong to him and you are in no way 
helping him out by participating in the Saddleback campaign. The NPS and the 
ATC think its a big issue and have provided feedback that our letters are 
making an impact. 
I know, enough already.
Jim McBride
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