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[at-l] Thru hiker sighting

Out for a short trip near Sages Raving in MA to check out
the new Glen Brook Shelter - very nice by the way, Cosmo!!
Met thru hiking husband and wife team of Hercules and Fal.  Very
nice people, moving along at their own pace, which fortunately
for me matched well with mine as we passed each other three or
four times on the way to Glen Brook.  THe new shelter was
occupied and, according to those occupants - northbound
Animal Cracker and southbound Wrangler - the water was at the
"old lean-to".  So Cosmo, where is the water for new shelter, or
is it just too dry?  Really really DRY out there, but the old
faithful sages ravine brook was flowing strong, as was Bear Rock
Stream and falls.  Race Brook on the other hand was bone dry as far
down as I was willing to walk, which was past the tentsite (and
even that was too far to walk off the AT for one just curious to see
the falls!) But that's ok, I wasn't in a hurry.

So anyway, the three of us went down the trail to the entrance
for the old lean-to.  Herc and Fal tented at a site near the trail,
and I went down the hill to the lean-to, which I had all to myself!
It being nearly 7pm I didn't expect any more company - so I spread
out all my stuff, got my spankin' new esbitt stove set to light
to heat up water for my home dried spaghetti and sauce, with lots
of onions and peppers and found that altho I had plenty of matches,
I had neglected to consider what I would strike them on to light them.
After trying everything, I walked up to Hercules and Fal's tentsite
and asked to borrow their lighter - how embarassing!  But at least
I got to have my spaghetti and I just have to say -- "YUM" in
comparison to AlpineAire or Mountain House or any of that stuff!

So anyway, Hercules and Fal are going strong and I wish them well
in their travels.  

Animal Cracker was looking good too.

Sharon (back in civilization....)
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