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[at-l] departures

The saddleback-issue induced departures from that other list makes me
wonder if there are former/potential Class of 2000 (tm) members out
there that resigned or declined after due to the requirements?  I am one
and didn't join the forum after learning the requirements.  I left the
list shortly thereafter for multiple reasons.

The requirements that bothered me were:
1) weekly status reports on the progress of your planning.
     -What, is this work?
     -I've been planning for years, other than where to maildrop and
buying the food, little is left for 1 report a week until I leave.
2) participate in the forum several times weekly.
     -What, is this a freshman level college class where "participation"
is measured as part of the grade?
     -If I don't have a question or answer, I keep my virtual and
physical mouth shut.  I'm not a person who chimes in with a "Me too."
(although if I did, I'd first cut out the 100 lines of quoted-replied-to

So, I voted with my virtual feet and left.


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