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Re: [at-l] Tuckerize my pack

OK, here goes. But I'm assuming you don't plan to buy a lot of new gear.

A home made alcohol or esbit stove will save as much as 12oz. 

Why 2 pair of shorts and tees, you going to a dance :-)  1lb.

Toilet paper, my brother carries enough for me. Since he's not going,
carry your own.

The jacket could be dropped, you can get in your bag if it's cool.  1lb.

Ditch the Tevas. After walking all day, who needs shoes to walk around
camp in, just sit down and rest. 1lb 4oz

The Platypus is probably nice but three 1liter plastic soda bottles weigh
less than an ounce and they are almost indestructible. 3 more ounces

Dump the cup, you can use the nalgene as a cup, add the tubular part of a
cool cup for insolation if you like, another 4oz.

Misc.? bet you can leave half of it at home. 4oz

That comes to about 4 3/4 pounds. This may be a little more spartan than
you're accustom to. But outside of buying a lot of very expensive
lightweight gear,  I believe, lowering your comfort level is one of the
secrets to lightening your load. 

I said I'd stay away from a lot of new gear, but I lied. As John O said
the tent is heavy. Using a tarp or bivi or both can save another 3-4

OK I'm thru................


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