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[at-l] Tuckerize my pack

>Foster Parsons
>First Pilgrim
>I am planning to join up with Jim Hipp, "South Walker" in New York next week 
>and walk south to PennMar.  That is if I can keep up  Here is what I am 
>wearing and packing: 
>Dana Design Jet Pack with Wetrib                                  4 lbs  8 oz
>Moss Helix tent with ground sheet                                  4       8

*f you are comfortable witha tarp you could save over 3 lbs in pack weight?
 Except for a 20+ area in NJ shelters are fairly close by if your
interested in staying at shelters.  Also with this drought in the area you
most likely could just sleep under the stars?  Using just shelter or
sleeping under stars will save you 4lbs 8 ozs.

>Ridgerest 3/4
>        9
>Sleeping bag liner
>     15
>Primus stove
>       11
>            fuel
>              9
>Shorts (2)
>          17

* pair of swimming trunks should be sufficient and save 1/2 lb

>Coolmax Tees (2)
>     15

* coolmax tee should be enough and save 1/2 lb

>Silk johns top & bottom
>     9
Toilet paper                                                                  
>           5

*/2 roll of toliet paper should be enough save 2.5 ozs

Puff ball jacket                                                              
* believe this jacket is too  much for this time of year.  You have silk
long johns which I believe will offer enough protection.  Save 1 lb

>   1        4
>              4

>           2

*wht is a Toboggan?

>Nylon rain anorek
>       10

>Water proof bag for clothes and sleeping bag                               5

*f you cut back on bringing extra set of clothes you can put long johns and
bag liner inside plastic compactor bag.  They have lasted several weeks and
when they get a tear I just use a small piece of duct tape to fix it up.
Save you 2 ozs

>head net
>             2
>Nalgene bottle
>          6

*1 liter soda bottle will save you 4 ozs

>Platypus 3 ltr w/hose & valve
>    4
>             2
>Titanium pot
>          6
>            9

I always have a hard time being honest with my misc gear.  It always seems
to be heavier than I state.

>New Balance 801
>    29
>I think this comes to about 22 1/2 lbs without food or water.  What have I 
>left out and what can I eliminate?  Have at it.
22 1/2 lbs minus all suggestions leaves you with 16 1/2 lb pack.  I think
it can be done if your interested in leaving assorted items at home?

Good Luck and have a wonderful time I'm envious to say the least.
John O
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