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Yipes! Re[2]: [at-l] saddleback - Amen brother Ron!!!!

Can i get a Big AMEN!!!!!!!!!!
oops we are NOT in Church.
Ron, thanks for the reassuring post, sometimes I thought i might have been 
one of the few that felt preached to.....
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>To: "'McBride, James'" <mcbride_j@lxe.com>,        "'ATL Mailing List'" 

        Sloetoe Throws out the following, and ducks:
        Sorry if anybody feels offended by being preached to. You ARE 
        being preached to, and pleaded with, as well, but with the BEST 
        of intentions, and (at least here) NOT with the "Have your 
        priorities MY way, or you will be deemed NOT WORTHY!" message.
        Please please please don't take a negative view of the 
        Saddleback effort because you don't like that particular 
        messenger. The thing being sought IS truly important (I have 
        been following it since the beginning, and it's a tawdry tail to 
        tell), and WILL make a positive impact on the wilderness 
        experience of ALL who travel the area.
        And if you decide not to write, or not to support, or not to let 
        anything get in the way of that Bambi Woods Retrospective on 
        cable tonight (check your local television listings), please 
        know that *I* will still love you in the morning.
        (who truly does give a shit about what trail I leave my 5 year 
        old boys-n-berries.)
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