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[at-l] saddleback

One more time.

Anyone that hasn't done so please write a letter to the NPS concerning the
Saddleback situation. Whether your a former or future thru-hiker, section
hiker, or day hiker, if you love the AT and want this incredible place in
Maine to stay as it is, do something about it. 

If you don't know much about it I suggest using the link below to Trailplace
and follow the links to get more info. Wingfoot has provided an easy way to
write a letter which will then be forwarded to the appropriate people at the
NPS, ATC, the Maine congressional delegation and the governor of Maine. Use
what WF has provided - its easy. If you don't want to use it thats fine too
- just write a personal letter and send it yourself. But please do
something. I don't understand why more people aren't getting invovlved.

If your objection to using the Trailplace website is that you have a problem
with the admin and don't want to help him out then remember this: Its not
his trail and its your not helping him out by writing a letter. Your helping
all AT hikers, present and future, to protect the beauty of the AT. If you
still don't want to use Tailplace then thats OK. Just log on Trailplace and
read the info and get the addresses then write your own letter.


Please help. Time is running out.

Jim McBride

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