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[at-l] KC's GEAR

KC's Gear:

made some Gaiters out of liner socks 1/2 oz

I saw KC wearing these homemade gaiters and they were a stroke of genius.
All she did was cut the bottom sole off the socks and slip them over her
socks & shoes.  The elastic in the sock held them in place.  It works
keeping out almost all debris.  As they aren't attached to anything than
can be washed up easily.  I used a different version as I sewed socks to my
sneakers and they became my gaiters.  KC's way works much better believe
you me.

Pepper Spray at close hand and glad to have it on some occasions 1 1/2 oz

Registers up and down the trail mentioned a crazed women spraying people
with pepper spray if they got to close to her food.  I wonder if thats
anyone we know??????????????????

Plastic water gun 2 oz

Another thing mentioned in registers a lot was an armed with a pistol gal
holding up day hikers for there snacks along the trail.  That couldn't be?
No of course not.  Do you think maybe??????????? 

Bat Womyn Toothbrush 1 oz

A what??????????

Umbrella,,,yes I loved it  7 oz

Seriously tell us about your umbrella system.

Sharp TelMail TM20 10 oz

What are your thoughts on the TM-20?  I loved mine.

Looking at this list I can see where I could get the weight down even
more!!!! Gear,,,we don't need no stinkin gear!!! Well, maybe a few things. KC

With that positive attitude you'll be one of the lightest when your back on
the trail again.

John O
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