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Re: [at-l] Another 'year ago today'

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Subject: [at-l] Another 'year ago today'
Author:  Felix <athiker@smithville.net> at ima
Date:    8/4/99 6:22 AM

 I have boulders to watch Stoat move...

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

*******Yes, yes, yes. "Boulders to watch STOAT move...." Yes, Felix, Stoat and I
and a dozen others MISSED YOU back on the 24th in the Deam Wilderness. We were 
supposed to trim Sycamore Branch, clean out some water bars and such...but 
without the KNOWLEDGEABLE leadership of a PROFESSIONAL to guide us, we flailed 
and hacked in unorchestrated fleating frenzies, ultimately to "retire" short of 
3:00pm, with the blessing of the HNF Trail Dude. Yup. Good people, highly 
motivated, including your own favorite Stoatster, but alas, no FELIX. Nada-Zip.

But THAT'S OK, Felix, that's ok! Don't you worry your hot, tired, overworked 
little self a single calorie more over it all....(sniff, sniff)...For I MYSELF 
stayed last ('course, I GOT there last, too), walked the ENTIRETY of the trail 
MYSELF and ALONE, hacker/whacker in one hand, shovel in the other, a veritable 
trail John Henry, and hacked back the nasties, shoveled out the water bars, and 
only returned to the parking lot LONG after others had departed....The birds 
knew of my deeds, however, and sang my praises richly. Yes, yes. Watch STOAT 
move boulders.

Dat Ol' Sloetoe......
("Weeds tremble as I pass")
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