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Re[2]: [at-l] Scouting and Growing Spirit in a Young Boy--Ne

If you decide to take a boy to a Scout Troop, you should check out at least 
three, if not all Troops within what ever distance you care to drive.
Indeed quality of the Troop, and training, experience, style, and priorities 
of the leaders varies from Troop to Troop.  This depends on the time and 
energy the primary leaders can afford, the size & activeness of the Troop 
Committee, and the effectiveness of the District Committee, which is 
comprised of volunteers, who, among other things,  organize and conduct 
training for unit leaders.
My Troop has been to the AT three times in the last three years- most 
recently, at the end of June, a handful of us hiked the Connecticut Section, 
replicating a trip taken by one of my Assistant Scoutmasters when he was a 
Scoutmaster, Troop 196
Milford, CT

Sloetoe respondeth withith:
Yuppers! Ol' Blainie knows o' what's he's speakin', folks. Why, in my home town,
I did that Cub Scout thang for two or three years. (Let's see, it was over in 
Mrs. Somebody's basement off of Buckingham Avenue, and I swear that ALL we did 
was make gifts for family members out of toilet paper rolls. No outdoors, no 
stinkin' badges, just more cardboard and Elmer's Glue. Ugh.) When I was older, 
some friends also did the Scouting thing (seems like it was over near the St. 
Mary's Church Cemetary off of Gulf Street), and at least they went out into the 
woods a lot, but all they seemed to tell of were drunkin' trips to swing 
hatchets at anything that wasn't already down and dead. I still cringe at the 
thought of that one, too. Yup, Scouting did not do well by the kids in those 
troops, back then. Blaine is correct: check out the troops and find a good one! 
Seems the Scoutmaster of ol' Troop 196 has the act together and is taking it on 
the road, er trail. Congratulations, Blaine! PLEASE keep up the good work!

(Oh, BTW, my home town?
Why, Milford, CT, of course!)
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