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[at-l] Freedom -- and a thruhiker sighting

A month ago today I declared -- in a post scrapped by that list's webmaster 
-- my independence from what I cited as "repression and rancor" and, with 
heartfelt gratitude to the long, extensive, and voluminous services of said 
webmaster to the Trail, bailed and cleave, now, only to y'all.

I want to express my continuing delight in the results of the free speech 
fostered here, and in the indulgence and longsuffering of Ryan Brooks.  
Thanks, all.

The thruhiker:  does the Virginia license plate 96GAME mean anything to you? 
  To me it means free grape soda and I didn't get any out of this morning's 
encounter which is a matter I may take up off-list with the perp.  How odd 
it feels to pass a lister in rush hour traffic!  Fannypack and I are, after 
all, neighbors and the fact that I've hitherto seen him only in Hot Springs 
and Catawba, Caledonia and Delaware Water Gap, Palmerton, Damascus, the SNP 
and points beyond and between doesn't really mean I should be surprised to 
pass him at the intersection of Elden Street and the Dulles Access Road.  
But I was surprised.  He always asks us for thruhiker sightings so here ya 
go David.

Hey, Fanny, while I've got you -- was it a land trust that Sightseer worked 
for on Martha's Vinyard?

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