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Re: [at-l] Cartoon Thruhikers

At 09:21 AM 8/3/99 -0400, Linda Patton wrote:
>	Have y'all seen the "Hagar" cartoon this morning?  Hagar's leading
>his troops over a range of hills/mountains, and they're saying:
>	"We've walked for six months, covered thousands of miles in all
>kinds of weather!  When are we going to BE there?!"
>	I didn't know there were Viking thruhikers.  --  Earthworm

Hagar is not your average Viking. My favorite is from several years ago.
Hagar comes in the door and says to his family "I've been chased, shot at,
and beat up. I lost the battle, the ship and all my crew. I need a hug." I
suspect that Hagar thru-hikes every year. Maybe I'll make that my trail
name. 'Hagar the Horrible'. I'm sure that on a thru-hike I could live up to
the 'horrible' in the body odor department. I'd need a sword and a helmet
though (both lightweight and quick drying of course).

Saunterer (or maybe Hagar?)
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