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[at-l] Re: Boy Scouts

I joined was the same # as the pack (191).  We went on an overnight every
few months where we were driven to the camp and slept in leantos.  Leantos
at a boy scout camp are really 3 sided bunk houses.  My friend Jack joined
troop 37.  Since he did not have a sleeping bag he borrowed mine.  In short  
order I realized that he was using it more than me so I transferred.  Troop
37's policy was one overnight a month MINIMUM!  We were also a hiking troop.
When we went to the local council's camp in Alpine NJ we hiked there from
Leonia (about 10 miles).  While most troops arrived there about 10 AM on
Saturday morning, the ranger there knew not to expect us till mid afternoon.
Hiking merit badge was always the first earned in our troop. (In those days
you couldn't earn badges until you were a first class scout).  One of our
adult leaders was P.M. Weaver III.  His son was long out of the troop but he
continued on with us.  Behind his back he was referred to as "Popsie" Weaver
but Mr. Weaver or Mike as I later became privelidged to address him was one
of the most knowledgeable outdoorsmen in suburban Northeast Jersey.  His
knowledge of the trails in Harriman Park was equal to the authors of the
New York Walk Book.  He was a simplistic hiker.  His grip usually consisted  
of a poncho, 2 blankets, water, map, compass, seasonal clothing and for a  
weekend, he had a block of cheese for food and I am sure he had some other  
stuff like first aid etc.  a few times a year he would take senior scouts
by bus to Paterson and then by train to Arden, NY.  To warm up we would go 
up Agony Grind and then back down and take the AT into the park.  We would 
often stay at Island Pond (there used to be a shelter there) and come out on
Sunday after a big loop.  The first time we were on the AT he told us about
this trail that ran from ME to GA and my dreams began.  

Bottom line is that if it weren't for Scouting and Mike Weaver, I would be
spending my time on some other mail list.  I hope that he is finding the
hiking trails in Paradise as enjoyable as he found the trails here on earth.


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