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Re: [at-l] bandana

>Try it out and give us a gear report on it.

I don't think mine was a "Miracool" brand, but I got it at WalMart for about 
$3.  It only had to be soaked about 10 minutes.

I wore it out one day while rock climbing at Great Falls - full sun, heat 
reflecting off the rock and water.  It felt great at first!

As the day wore on it remained wet, but did not remain as cool as at the 
beginning.  It did feel vaguely cooler than a plain wet bandanna, but I 
agree that the saturated gel is kind of like a thick tube of jello... and it 
wouldn't stay on the back of my neck because of the weight!

Overall, I'd say this is good for a two- or three-hour sporting event, but 
not all day on a hike, and definitely not worth the weight on a thru.

Caveat:  I've not thru-hiked yet.


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