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Re: [at-l] bandana

These are very popular at sporting events and the like. It is a gel that 
holds water, and releases it slowly, providing evaporation and cooling. It 
is somewhat better than a bandana as it holds far more water for far longer.

It is heavier, and does not have the multiple usages that a bandana has. 
For instance, it is not a good pot scrubber, pre filter, trail marker, 
handkerchief, or related bandana tool. What happens when the thing wear out 
a seam or gets caught on a limb? A glob of gel on the trail, and a useless 
piece of cloth in your pocket. How likely is that to happen? I dunno.

Try it out and give us a gear report on it.

Atlanta, GA

At 02:37 PM 8/2/1999 -0400, hudsom@us.ibm.com wrote:
>I was passed a newspaper clipping over the weekend about a bandana that uses a
>phase-changing core to keep you cool, supposedly it will work all day 
>after a 30
>minute charge in cold water. It's called the Miracool Bandana ($4.99) and the
>company has a web page at www.occunomix.com.

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