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Re: [at-l] hiking,dogs,bootleggers

     Sorry, quick IMO answer:
     1) Ignore the dogs. They were symptoms of the (human) pigs they were 
     with and are not worth distinguishing from the other impacts of those 
     2) Don't confuse "stealth" campsites with bootleg sites. A stealth 
     campsite occupied by anyone worth their LNT salt will not be 
     discernable anyway. (By definition!) If it is, "close" it down. 
     Descent "stealth" campers will not be stopped, but you'll certainly 
     slow up/discourage the piggies. And that's the point.
     3) (ESPECIALLY AS A MAINTAINER:) Keep in mind that such "eradication" 
     efforts are not final in any sense, but part of a process -- an ebb 
     and flow -- in which you are trying to change/modify behavior of a 
     disaggregated "clientele" whose members may change from season to 
     season. In turning the Ship of State, there's often a long wait 
     between action at the rudder and reaction at the bow, right? Expect 
     "displacement" and "reinfection", but keep up the good work.
     (also a maintainer and a, ah, well,
         a, ah, um, "stealthie" camper.)

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Subject: [at-l] hiking,dogs,bootleggers
Author:  " bluestreak" <bluestreak@mailcity.com> at ima
Date:    8/1/99 1:53 PM

I am a volunteer trail maintainer and have adopted a trail in the Whites of NH. 
There are 2 bootleg campsites (read illegal/unauthorized by the WMNF Forest 
Service) on this trail. I have been discussing with the section leader the 
feasability of filling them in and eliminating them. I am resisting because I 
think as long as these two sites exist it is likely that they will get used as 
opposed to making a new one & impacting a larger area. Also it is likely that if
I fill them in someone will just go in & clear them again.I am also biased in 
that I would rather camp off trail myself as to stay at an AMC run tentsite or 
shelter.Also this trail is just off the AT & offers that alternative to 
thruhikers if they know about it.
the bluestreak
New Hampshire
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