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Re: [at-l] A Section Hike Plan

     I feel very strongly that one of the divine designs of a S>N 
     throughhike is hiking north with spring, for all of the usual reasons. 
     Were I to section hike big chunks as you posit, I would time them as 
     if you were doing a single season throughhike -- the continuity, the 
     community, the whole business -- it would be perfect.

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Subject: [at-l] A Section Hike Plan
Author:  "Turtle (a.k.a. Rev. Howard D. Lyons; Sr.; EM" <turtle@aryeh.com> at 
Date:    8/1/99 5:52 PM

If one were to do the AT in three chuncks (2 months each), what should 
they be? What months of the year for each? Are there any special 
considerations I should take into account? I consider myself to be an 
8-12 mile a day person.
Feel free to offer advice, philosophy, etc.
Turtle GA>ME 00

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