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[at-l] Re: Boy Scouts

As much as I deplore their current policy on non-heterosexuals, when I was
11, that sort of thing wasn't an issue in my family.  The Scouts taught me
skills I still use today, both at a personal level, and when I am an

Campiong/Backpacking would still be some arcane ritual for the masochistic
if I hadn't has so much fun, support and generally good experiences with my
scout troop (#502, Amherst MA) back in the day.  However, I suspect the
level of training and respect for other outdoor citizens varies widely from
troop to troop.  If possible, I'd take a hike with them to see how they do.
We've all heard stories (some of us have been featured prominently) about
"hordes of scouts" making a trip less than plesant.  Like Little League, or
any other endeavour that is parentally driven, make sure the leaders are
centered on the kids, not on themselves.  I believe this is all too rare,
perhaps you could help out the local Troop....

I applaud your "intervention" in your grandson's life.  It is likely to be
a significant factor in his future.  Kids need and want non-parental adults
to help them learn about the world.  I wish now (having often being one of
the "too tired" myself) that I could have had the help of a local
grandparent, and I miss the opportunities lost.

Go for it.



"There are three great times for thinking --
 On the john, in the shower, and while hiking.
 And the best of these is while hiking."
        --Colin Fletcher.

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