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[at-l] Lake Tiorati cookout report - Jul 31 and Aug 1

Lake Tiorati cookout report - Jul 31 and Aug 1
Arrived at Lake Tiorati about 9:30 am Sat and 98ers: Niteyes & Indy were 
already cooking.  They purchased 100 lbs. of meat, steak & chicken, salad, 
bagels, cream cheese, & muffins.
About 15 thru-hikers visited during the weekend (Sat & Sun), here are some 
of the names I remember: 2 southbounders: Pilgrim & Daniel Boone, and the 
rest were northbounders: Drifter, Migh"T", Full Pull, M & M, Little Dipper, 
Irmo, Bear Bait, Roc, Man Who, Forget-Me-Not, Roanoke, Arrowhead & his 
friend (both from Yorktown, VA), Flyin' Hawaiian, The Baker, at least 10 to 
15 others.  NOTE: there is a grp campsite at the Lake where the thru-hikers 
camped.  There was no alcohol served & the manager of the Lake area was very 
friendly & accomodating....
Also saw northbounders: T-Bone, Buzzard, Crusher at Waywayanda Shelter on 
Sunday nite.

Misc info: Water is very scarce, almost non-existent in this area,  All the 
pumps have been removed, like at Pochuck Mtn & Wildcat Shelter.  98ers Wild 
Gess & Mtn laurel are putting gallon jugs of water at RT17 (at the bottom of 
Agony Grind), thanks to them..  Also someone left 28 gallons of water at 
RT17A trailhead, which can be reached by taking 17A from Warwick, NY (off of 
Rt94) to the top of the mtn (about 3 to 4 miles)(trailhead parking on 
right), or coming from RT17, take 17A   8 miles to Greenwood Lake, NY then 
when u hit Rt210 veer to the rt to continue on Rt17A for 1.8 miles to the 
top the mtn. (trailhead parking on left), if anyone lives near here, pls 
stop & pick up the empty jugs & return them filled, thanks...
Any of u who have hiked this section in NJ & NY can imagine going thru this 
section w/o water sources, pumps or streams?? Some thru-hikers are carrying 
a GALLON of water at the beginning of the day because they are not sure when 
water is availbale.
Beechy Bottom stream just north (on the AT) of Palisades Parkway is flowing, 
also Bellvale Store on RT17A (1.3 miles down the hill to the left for 
northbounders has water)....
There is a new hostel in Vernon, NJ, a church hostel that is very well 
equipped...just opened in June, I was told...
Also many hikers are reporting seeing timber rattlers....

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