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Re: [at-l] Scouting and Growing Spirit in a Young Boy--Need a White Blaze


Scouting was a great and fun experience for me, right up until I got kicked out.
(whole nuther story)  I was in a very active and aggressive troop that camped and
hiked often.  This was back in the mid sixties and lots of what we did would (and
should) never be done today.

Much of the value of Scouting depends on the specific troop.  Outdoor magazine
had an article either last month or the month before I believe, regarding the
whole issue of Scouting and "outdoor skills".

I was a very fortunate child.  My father taught me more woodsmanship than Scouts
ever would.  He was born in 1903 and was raised on a small farm twenty miles from
the nearest small town, therefore outdoor skills were a necessary part of his
life.  If I had not had him, Scouts would have been my only exposure.

btw  Did I see a register entry of yours in the Deer Mountain Park shelter?  Also
in the ice cream shop register in Hot Springs?

> I've already cleared the "interfering " thing with the parents.  It's not
> that.  I just wonder if those of you who have had Scouting experiences find
> them of that great value in your life today.
> Testimonials, please.
> Kinnickinic
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