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[at-l] Fw: Hydro-Photon Contact Information Request

I got this in response to a query regarding the testing conducted by


> From: Hydro-Photon <spen@hydro-photon.com>
> To: David F. Addleton <dfa@wimlaw.com>
> Subject: Re: Hydro-Photon Contact Information Request
> Date: Monday, August 02, 1999 2:49 PM
> Greetings!  Thanks once again for your interest in Steri-Pen, our
> hand-held water disinfection device. We have two new developments we'd
> like you to know about.
> First, many people who contacted us, particularly campers and hikers,
> have expressed concern that the water they would be drinking might
> contain Giardia and/or Cryptosporidium, two notoriously hearty and
> potentially fatal microbes. We are thrilled to report that Steri-Pen has
> proved successful in destroying both microbes.
> Dr. Alan Meyer, Ph.D., a leading researcher in Giardia and
> Cryptosporidium infectivity at the Oregon Health Sciences University,
> tested Steri-Pen against both Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Both microbes
> are exceedingly difficult to destroy because of their protective shell.
> In two separate tests, Dr. Meyer found that treatments with Steri-Pen
> successfully disinfected water infested with high concentrations of
> these microbes.
> Secondly, we have made Steri-Pen even more reliable and convenient to use
> by redesigning the battery circuit to accommodate a common 9-volt
> transistor battery thereby eliminating the need for an internal
> rechargeable battery. Now, instead of waiting for 8 hours while the
> internal battery recharges, you will only need to replace the battery
> when it begins to wear down.
> It is possible to purchase rechargeable 9 volt batteries. If a
> rechargeable battery is used it will simply be removed from the
> Steri-Pen, recharged externally and then reinstalled.
> With regard to our product launch, we are expecting to be in production
> early this fall.
> We will keep you updated about developments. In the meantime, please
> contact us with any further questions.
> Hydro-Photon
> http://www.hydro-photon.com
> spen@acadia.net
> 1-207-374-5800
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