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[at-l] Scouting influence with me

Around the age of 10 years old my scout master had a gang of us on a trip
near Sun Fish Pond and he told the story of people walking the AT From GA
to ME.  All of us said we were going to hike the AT when we got older.  My
outdoor experiences in scouts were so positive that there hasn't been a
time since I was 10 that I haven't spent time in them therrr woodzz.  Many
basic skills were learned and still remembered from those early days in
scouts.  My children are older and out of scouts now but I'm still active
as a merit badge counsellor.  Who knows maybe I'll get more active with
scouts once again?  Neither of my folks were outdoor people.   So if it
wasn't for the positive influence through scouting I wouldn't have had this
keen interest in the outdoors as I have had over the years.   
After I finish my hike this year I'll be holding slide shows for scouts in
my area and get some more kids hooked on the outdoors.  
Kinnickinic I think its great your able and willing to devote this time
with your grandson.  If his scouting experiences are like mine he'll be
grateful the rest of his life.  
John O
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