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Re: [at-l] Annie V. Ursary

Out, out, damned spot!     -Shakespeare

The characters were Mr. Owt, Stan, Dean, and some others I can't remember.
There was something about a 'mater stain, if I remember right.
And the production company wanted to produce the play somewhere in
Faulkner's south, with appropriate changes for young ears, as in ding,
dang, dong from the Fiar Jock song which made Paris so famous. The action
takes place in a canyon known for its echo.  I can just bearly [pun
intended since I gotta stay on topic] remember this piece of dialogue:

Mr. Owt: 	Out, out Stan!
Dean:		Out, out, stain! [Ding! goes a bell in the background] Mr. Owt!
Stan:		Dang! 

> So, I think it is only fitting that we have a word of the day. And, I 
> also think that that word should be the word that I used to describe the 
> hike:
> Outstanding.
> Is Kahley out standing in the rain without an umbrella? 

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