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Re: [at-l] hiking,dogs,bootleggers

You cite a great case of stupid pet owners creating a problem that affects 
not only good owners, but hikers (current and future). If these owners had 
not found a camping spot, they would have made one. Obviously, LNT is not 
in their vocabulary. I would have some suspicion regarding their decision 
to hike with such guard dogs. Were these "farmers" on public land, tending 
to their crops while the dogs guarded the area? If so, expect more of this 
and more dangerous events.

Anyone has the right to complain about dangerous pets, just as we have the 
right/duty to report dangerous wild animals. I would consider a call to the 
local sheriff's office or forest service extension regarding this event. I 
would not consider this a reason (pro or con) to remove stealth camping areas.

Atlanta, GA

At 01:53 PM 8/1/1999 -0700, bluestreak wrote:
>                  What do you in the group think? Fill them in or leave 
> them? Why? What do you do when aprroached by an unrestrained dog 
> especially one that seems threatening? Do you just accept it as part of 
> the hiking experiance,does it bother you at all and if it does how do you 
> handle it?

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