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[at-l] Pt 16 Pittsburgh is HIKING!!!!

new england hike - days 16 - mahoosic notch to grafton notch

eye had had a day off, so eye was rested an ready.  we hiked to the trail along
the mahoosic notch side trail, from success pond road.  the mahoosic notch
starts by dropping you down about 10 feet to the base of some big frigging
rocks, with the temperature dropping accordingly.  thus begins the rock hopping,
scrambling, crawling, clawing, slipping, cursing...

actually the first part of the notch is a kick.  we were weaving in, through,
and around rock formations.  somewhere in the middle of the experience, though,
we had had enough.  it became a chore.  it is like eating chocolate everyday,
after a while the attraction is gone...

we met up with a section hiker and his 80 pound dog while in the notch.  PLEASE
DO NOT TAKE A DOG INTO THE NOTCH!!!  its paws were all bloody from having to
claw its way from rock to rock.  its human was beside himself with guilt.  timmy
is a real dog lover, and she was feeling much anguish...

it took us 2.5 hours to do the mile-long notch.  following that is a significant
climb up mahoosic arm.  some say that the notch is the toughest mile on the
trail, we disagree.  we feel it is the mahoosic arm climb, or the climb up and
over goose eye.  goose eye, the notch, and the arm are all within a few miles of
each other, making this stretch a killer.  be warned...

my knees went bye bye today.  the left one, that eye banged up in the whites,
feels like a dagger is jabbing it.  the right one started clicking as i walked.
eye am unfortunately done hiking. eye will become a member of the support team
for our last two days.  in '97, it took 700 miles, springer to somewhere in
virginia, for my knees to get this bad.  this year it took 100 miles in the


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