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[at-l] dogs, bottleggers, etc.

        Okay, here's the important facts:

> I was greeted by two large unrestrained  growling,barking dogs who
followed me menacingly & would not leave me alone. I aproached the tent on
the site & found no one around. 

>I found that the campers had gone but left quite a mess including unburied
feces from both man & beast

        And also what you said about there being a practical reason for the
bootleg campsites.

        I believe in hiking with dogs.  I have experienced people with well
trained animals and don't see them as something that doesn't belong there
(they are, after all, more "wild" than we are).  But it's quite obvious this
is a responsibility.  Not every dog is right for it.  There needs to be a
good rapport with the animal and the master and one needs to realize when
their dog isn't quite right for it.  Obviously sometimes people may need to
be reminded of this.
        Your second comment, about the mess, points towards these people not
being aware of this.  Any backpacker worth their weight in dirt would not
leave a site "lived in".  So we can go fairly safely assume these people are
just those party campers.  
        As far as not having authority, I disagree.  I think as part of the
responsible community, and a volunteer, you have more than enough right to
let these people know what they're doing wrong.  Perhaps they just need an
education in backpacking ethics?  (I remember the first time I was warned to
pack out what I pack in!)  A friendly approach, with the fact that if these
people don't tow the line you, as a trail maintainer, would have to have the
campsite eradicated, should work.  Besides, you wouldn't be speaking for
just yourself.

        That sucks though.  My last trip out in the whites I nearly filled a
large ziplok with other people's wrappers and junk.  I just don't understand
why.  I think it's only going to get worse now that it's "hip" to get out in
the woods.

        I'm heading out around Mt. Carrigan next week for a four day jaunt
with a first timer.  Hee hee.  I just hope to avoid those bloody black flies
this time.  I went out last month and my partner came down with HSP from the
bites!  She was in the hospital for four days.  

        Lastly, I just saw the Blair Witch Project.  I can't wait to see how
it affects my head out there.

        You're on the money Bluestreak, feel free to berate the next people
you come across.  

"...take the offensive dammit!"

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