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[at-l] How women can pee standing and *accessible* clothing

Ok, I'll play...

There is a website that covers this subject thoroughly:


How to pee standing (without a device - easier than it sounds), where to
get a small, light device that will allow a woman to pee standing without
taking her pants/shorts down (Bathroom Boutique on that site), that there
are several clothing manufacturer's interested in clothes that are
*accessible* to women, mostly with an extra long zipper.  I think the site
has a list of places to buy these clothes but the site has been reorganized
since I read it all so I'm don't know where...

This is a valid need and the answers are much simpler and more effective
than I for one, ever thought possible.  (The Army apparently spent millions
not coming up with anything nearly as effective.)  Very glad to know I no
longer have to hunt for a place to *squat and bare it* just to pee.  Great
for not having to find huge *bush cover.*  Helpful on hikes or even in
dirty public restrooms.

I got the tip on this site from KC's site (aka: War Eagle) and also this one:


for feminine products that do away with disposables - much easier, lighter
and less messy I am thinking although I haven't gotten mine yet.


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